October 6, 2018, 3-9pm at Coonamessett Farm

We’re planning a very special, curated evening of local food, beverages, art and community to mark our 10th anniversary!

Join us for a tour of the Farm, Bocce on the lawn and a cocktail reception with locally sourced hors d’oeuvres, craft beer and wine pairing. In the Pavillion, we’ll have a gourmet buffet dinner prepared for the occasion by renowned local chefs and The Buffalo Jump, and a silent auction of local artists’ marine- and agriculture-themed works. CFF scientists will be on hand to discuss their work and showcase their research and new technologies, and we’ll top off the evening with music and dancing. Open bar all night. Dress casual.

Tickets $75 : Purchase here


Featuring our Local Chefs

Brendan Pelley, Mill No. 5
Dan Delancey, the Lobster Trap
Marc Swierkowski, Ella’s Wood Burning Oven

And Our Local Artists:

Timothy Ellis Cole   Bryan Randa   Carole Ellis  Jillian MiMaio    Sarah Caruso

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors:

Empire Fisheries 



Interested in sponsoring or partnering? Contact Rosemary Carey at rcarey@cfarm.org

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Our feature film Sustaining Sea Scallops is now available online! Click on the button above and to the right to view the entire film and learn about how the scallop fishing industry rebounded.