Year Round Salad Mix Production

center row greenhouse hydroponics

Coonamessett Farm hydroponic greenhouse salad green production

Project Title: Year Round Salad Mix Production

Year: 1996

Client: Massachusetts Department of Food and Agriculture

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Coonamessett Farm operates a typical small scale farm that grows vegetables, small fruit, cutting flowers, herbs, bedding plants, etc. The products are sold at farmer’s markets and directly to restaurants. One product offered is a salad mix made up of young as well as mature leaves of many varieties of lettuce and greens. This is a very profitable item during the good growing seasons of spring and fall. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts funded Coonamessett Farm to demonstrate growing salad mix cost-effectively on a year-round basis. The main objective of this project was to compare conventional growing methods used for salad mix (greenhouse and field), to a new approach using a high tunnel with root zone heating in winter and liquid shade in summer. Gross and net income of the various production methods were compared on a seasonal basis.