Abnormal Scallops

Abnormal Scallop Observations

We work with fisherman to identify issues affecting seafood quality including marine disease. Currently we are investigating issues that affect scallop meat quality. If you are a scalloper and have noticed meat quality issues in your catch please take the time to fill out the observation form below and if so inclined send in a sample for analysis.

Abnormal Scallop Observation Form

Here are some examples of abnormal scallop observations:

Discolored/gray meats – meats are darkened and stringy

scallop meat quality scale

Orange nodules – meats have orange coloration at a bacterial infection site

orange nodules

Nematode infection – brownish pinhole from nematode parasite is visible in a scallop meat

nematode infection

Shell blisters – may impact meat weight

shell blisters