Oceanic Squid Fishery

Oceanic Squid Fishery

Project Title: Oceanic Squid Fishery

Year: 1996

Client: K&T Fishing Corporation, Fairhaven, MA

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Coonamessett Farm Foundation conducted research aboard the F/V Perseverance, operating out of Fairhaven, MA, to conduct nine exploratory fishing trips for unexploited oceanic squid resources east of the continental shelf waters off New England and the Mid-Atlantic. The trips took place from September through November 1996. The vessel was outfitted with lights and electronic jigging machines. The objective was to determine the economic feasibility of a commercial fishery for oceanic squid using existing large offshore vessels by assessing species availability, distribution, and economic return. The results indicated that a potential resource of neon flying squid, Ommnestrephes bartramii, may exist in the region.