Handbook on Conservation Engineering and Sustainable Fishing

Project Title: Conservation Engineering And Sustainable Fishing: A Guide To The Inter-Relationships Between Fishing Gears, Species, And Habitats

Year: 1993

Client: Greenpeace International EC Unit, Belgium

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This handbook was a first attempt at putting together, in one place, a summary of what has been studied regarding commercial fishing gear and its environmental impact. The document, first prepared in 1993, was a reference source for the Greenpeace worldwide fishery campaign. The handbook provides an historical perspective of how fisheries and fishing gear evolved over time. The working premise is that it is important to know the history of this research in order to proceed to solve these problems. The reader is introduced to the basic terminology of the fisheries conservation engineer. What is known about these various subjects is expanded upon, by gear type, and key literature in the subject area is annotated.