Deep-water Fishing Potential Off Southern New England


Deep-water bottom trawl catch

Project Title: Deep-water Fishing Potential Off Southern New England

Year: 1994-1995

Client: Michigan Fishing Corporation, Fairhaven, MA

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Coonamessett Farm used the F/V Contender (length = 35m) operating out of Fairhaven, MA, to conduct twelve exploratory fishing and gear-development trips (90 DAS) to the upper continental shelf waters off Southern New England and the Middle Atlantic Bight from November 1994 to November 1995. The gear consisted of commercial bottom trawls and towing depths ranged from 200 to 1800 m. Commercial landings from these trips included monkfish, grey sole, squid, royal red shrimp, butterfish, summer flounder, lobsters, and four species of hake. Other commercial and potentially commercial species present in the catches included turbot, redfish, red crab, black dogfish, grenadier, and blue hake. Coonamessett Farm Foundation prepared a report discussing the significant operational and managerial problems that need to be overcome to successfully fish the upper slope in a sustainable manner. Forty references on deep water fishing were annotated and included in the report.